•   Trailer / semi-trailer tyres

  •   Due to its double designation the HG2159 in the
      sizes 215/75 R 17.5 and 245/70 R 17.5 can also be
      driven on the front and trailer axle.

  •   Because the materials are manufactured with
      green oil they can be easily recycled.

  •   The 5-rib tread pattern guarantees excellent
      mileage, good handling and low running noise.

  •   High damage resistance

  •   Unaffected by penetrating stones

  •   Even abrasion pattern

  •   Excellent braking in the wet

  •   Regroovable and suitable for cold and hot retreading


215/75 R17.5 | 235/75 R17.5 | 245/70 R17.5
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