Thursday, 15.03.2018
Three german ATHOS partners received ATHOS Partner award
ATHOS Partner of the Year 2017 Paderborn, 15.03.2018 - Three german ATHOS partners received the ATHOS Partner of the Year 2017 award. The awards went to the following companies: Schöpper & Knoll - Taubertal GmbH in Rothenburg o. D. Tauber, Reifen Ecker GmbH in Eggenfelden, and the Reifen u. Räder GmbH + Co. KG in Hilden. The Hämmerling Group honors its strong partners for the successful work of last year. "A strong partner network is the basis for a sustainable positioning in the market. Through close cooperation with partners, the brand ATHOS, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, has been so successful. We are pleased with our partners that the ATHOS and the partner network is a success story, "said Olaf Hoppe, Managing Director of Hämmerling.
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Friday, 08.12.2017
comparative test won
Vergleichstest gewonnen Paderborn, 08.12.2017 - Hämmerling - The Tyre Company GmbH, one of the largest tyre wholesalers in Europe and a successful supplier of ATHOS truck tyres, has gained an important new customer in the field of agriculture and food processing. Fude + Serrahn Milchprodukte GmbH & Co, one of the world's most important dairy products production and trading companies with a turnover of around 740 million euros, placed an order with Fude + Serrahn Milchprodukte GmbH & Co. to equip the....
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Friday, 27.10.2017
Handover of the gift to the customer of the 1,000,000th delivery note
Geschenkuebergabe The 1,000,000,000 delivery note together with 8 ATHOS tyres left the Hämmerling The Tyre Company's company in the Rhein-Erft-Kreis region on 19 July in the direction of Frechen. In addition to congratulations to the sales team, we also remembered the customer with the magic delivery note number. On 23 October, sales representative Sebastian Walsdorf visited Winkler in Frechen and handed over a colourful gift basket with the best wishes from Hämmerling The Tyre Company to the plant manager, Mr. Roggenkamp.

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