Tyre change and breakdown service throughout Europe at the same price.

365 days a year – 7 days a week – 24 hours a day

All registered customers can join the service network. As an Athos distributor you can register directly through Hämmerling The Tyre Company, as an end user, you should contact an Athos dealer in your area. If you don't know who your dealer is, you can find him through the search function on our homepage.

When should you participate?
  •   Handling technical problems and tyre breakdowns
  •   Involved in long-distance traffic (Internationally). Fixed prices in all cities
      and countries.

The Athos Service is supported through a web portal which enables distributors and end users to get access through the landing page. Every ATHOS distributor that decided to join the network, will automatically receive login data via E-Mail. The web portal allows distributors to add their clients and administrators. All service and breakdown claims can be tracked via the web portal. End users need to be unlocked through their certified Athos distributor. They can monitor all service / breakdown claims, and also add vehicles to their portfolio.

Due to the fact that the ATHOS service is a Europe-wide network, it can be accessed in many different languages.

Every participating end user will receive an Athos Service-Card through their local Athos distributor. With this card, they can call the service hotline at any time.

In which countries is the Athos service available?
Important information: The above mentioned languages are spoken by our Service-Hotline employees!

Advantages for the end user

  •   Fixed costs
      Thanks to convenient ATHOS prices!

  •   Technical Breakdown service
      Everything from one source

  •   No cash payment
      Every End-User can request and negotiate a credit line
      with their ATHOS partner.

  •   Access and control
      Access to the ATHOS homepage through the ATHOS
      Service-Portal. Overview of all completed and ongoig
      transactions, and lots of additional functions

Advantages for the Athos distributor

  •   Predetermined prices
      Thanks to unified pricing method for contractee and service providing
      partner. The ATHOS price remains constantly affordable!

  •   Expansion of own service offering
      Own clients can get access to the service platform and utilize the
      whole network.

  •   No credit risk
      No credit risk while accepting orders from contracting party. (Credit risk
      is covered by Hämmerling Tyre Company for all registered partners).

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