In the summer of 2012 two internal tests were carried out in order to test the fuel consumption of ATHOS commercial vehicle tyres. A Mercedes-Benz Actros and an IVECO Stralis tractor unit, both with Euro 5 engines, Krone semi-trailers and ATHOS tyres were driven along a precisely defined route and compared with a well-known European truck tyre. After the first test run the tractor units and the tyres were changed.

Average diesel consumption

    ATHOS     Ø 28,7 Liter / 100 km
    European proprietary brand     Ø 29,2 Liter / 100 km

The excellent performance figures of the ATHOS tyres is additionally supported by EU label of the TÜV-Süd.

The excellent mileage performance and very long service life of ATHOS commercial vehicle tyres will help you to reduce the costs per mile in your fleet. The rolling resistance and energy loss of the tyres is reduced thanks to a special rubber mixture. But this is not at the expense of other performance criteria such as wet grip, tyre mileage or abrasion pattern.


Fuel conservation is a subject assuming increasing importance in today's society. Fuel consumption is influenced by numerous factors (driving style, engine tuning, air-conditioning, etc.), but fundamentally, by four resistance factors:

  •   Rolling resistance
  •   Gradient and acceleration resistance
  •   Drag
  •   Freewheeling resistance

Between 38% and 55% of fuel consumption is caused by the rolling resistance of the tyres. This percentage varies according to the use and number of tyres, the highest potential savings coming from the set of trailer tyres in an articulated truck.


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