In order to constantly maintain the European quality of our ATHOS commercial vehicle tyres, they are produced in a factory audited by Hämmerling and the TÜV.

The Hämmerling-Group owns 100% of the tyre moulds. The Hämmerling Group is responsible for the development of the brands, tread patterns and sizes.

Xiaofei Qu, who is a quality expert accredited by TÜV Nord, continuously monitors the quality of our Premium truck tyres in China, and forms the bridge between China and Germany.

I. Original Testing in accordance with ECE-R54

The ECE testing checks the dimensions and load-bearing capacity of the ATHOS truck tyre and carries out short and long running, load and speed tests.

All new truck tyres operating in the ECE area (Economic Commission for Europe) have to be approved in accordance with this regulation. The regulation also prescribes stress testing of the truck tyres under extreme load for a total period of 47 hours.

II. Uniformity Testing

Concentricity testing of the green (uncured) tyre

III. Inspection

Every ATHOS commercial vehicle tyre is subject to shearographic testing after production in China and before delivery in Germany.

IV. Incoming Goods Inspection

Inspection of the incoming new ATHOS tyres after arrival in Germany.

V. Regular Testing

Continuous stress testing (spread out evenly over the year) of every single ATHOS truck tyre in accordance with the TÜV Nord original testing programme.
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