ATHOS truck tyres are playing a leading role not only in fuel-saving but also in terms of their retreading capability.

Recyling old tyre casings not only saves energy and raw materials, but also reduces the number of used tyres by the multiple re-use of the casings.

Before the finished tyre leaves our retreading factory in Paderborn, every casings undergoes two quality checks involving shearography and pressure tests: once before and once after retreading.

This ensures that we always comply with the strict quality and safety requirements of ECE Regulation 109 for retreading tyres. Our large range of tread patterns for any suitable application guarantees optimal tyre performance.

We are committed to checking the casing quality of ATHOS truck tyres for retreading and thus ensuring their suitability for "a second life".

ATHOS commercial vehicle tyres thus form the perfect basis for lower overall costs in real terms.


Your benefits at a glance:

  •   Save up to 50% of the cost of new tyres by retreading
      your own casings

  •   Care for the environment, as not so many used tyres need
      to be scrapped or disposed of

  •   Latest measurement and testing technology using
      high-tech shearography

  •   Mileage approaching that of a new tyre

That's why we purchases ATHOS casings for the same price as 1A premium casings or we will retread your own ATHOS casings.


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