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ATHOS is overall winner in tyre benchmark test

241,000 kilometres covered. 66,846 litres of diesel fuel consumed. 3,060 hours driving time. Seventy-two test tyres from a total of five manufacturers. These are the key data of a wide-ranging tyre benchmark test ordered by HG-Logistic GmbH from Germany and carried out over the past months. The company managed to hire the consulting firm "Die Flottenberater GmbH" (the fleet advisers) for evaluating the collected data. Together with their technology partner "tec4U Ingenieurgesellschaft" they independently looked after the benchmark tests under real conditions in a shipping company. Both businesses based in Saarbrücken collected the data and analyzed them.

The result was surprising: ATHOS won the test owing to its first-class cost-benefit ratio. Even compared to much more expensive competitive products it made an excellent showing also in the field of fuel consumption. Ralf Hämmerling, managing director of Hämmerling - The Tyre Company GmbH, the company responsible for manufacturing and selling ATHOS truck tyres is especially delighted about the results achieved under the different loading conditions. In his opinion, the test clearly confirms his company's work. "Again and again we see that customers using ATHOS tyres gain multiple and sustainable advantages", says Hämmerling. “They benefit from a lower purchase price and better fuel consumption than offered by many competing products."

The test tires at a glance:

Front axle 315/60 R22.5 Drive axle295/60 R22.5 Trailer 435/50 R 19.5
   Pirelli Amaranto FH88 Energy    Pirelli Amaranto TH88 Energy    Pirelli ST:01
   Athos HG2206    Athos HG2337    Athos HG2157
   Dunlop SP344    Dunlop SP444    Dunlop SP252
   Goodyear LHS2+    Goodyear LHD2    Goodyear LHT2
   Bridgestone R249    Bridgestone M749    Bridgestone R166

All sorts of test series

The tests carried out between September 2013 and January 2014 were based on a total of three identically constructed IVECO Stralis AS440S46T/FP LT tractor units of the latest series with EURO 6 engines, combined with Krone Megatrailer SD27. Each time, the whole units were equipped with tyres from one manufacturer. Of course, great importance was attached to the fuel consumption resulting from the use of the individual tyre brands. Their ranking sometimes varied depending on the useful load. Dunlop won the category of under 21 t, while Goodyear was top for a total weight of 32 t in the same size, with Athos taking respectable third and second places, respectively. After analysing all of the test criteria, such as fuel efficiency, grip in the wet, rolling resistance and economic efficiency, ATHOS tyres were top with 25 points.

1     Dunlop 25,6
2     Bridgestone 25,9
3     Athos 26,2
4     Pirelli 26,3
5     Goodyear 26,4
1     Goodyear 29,0
2     Athos 29,2
3     Dunlop 29,3
4     Bridgestone 29,4
5     Pirelli 29,5

Real conditions

"We are so enthusiastic about the test criteria selected by the Flottenberater (fleet advisers), because that's what our customers experience every day. What is the use of top values gained on the roller-type test stand if you cannot confirm them on the road", comments Ralf Hämmerling. He is certain that the test is not just an excellent result for the ATHOS tyre, but also a first-class selling proposition for customers who use ATHOS tyres. Hämmerling is very sure, "I have seldom seen such a professional provider with love for the detail. To be honest, I really was not sure if the effort would be worthwhile. However, the installed testing equipment including the air pressure control in all wheel positions have been well worth it".

And he continues: “When a tyre is produced abroad, but meets the German quality requirements regarding the material and production facilities, you can without any doubt take up the challenge of comprehensive tests based on German carefulness."
  Table "Tire efficiency test"            Overall result            Final report "Die Flottenberater"

¹) The best tyre in the test receives 5 points, the worst 1 point.


* The ascertained value refers to the entire truck and trailer (VA = front axle, AA = drive or rear axle, Trailer), composed of tractor units and trailers of identical construction.

²) 3 points per category "A", 2 points per category "B", 1 point per category "C".


** According to manufacturer's specifications


*** Consumer sales price, price investigated by Die Flottenberater GmbH in March 2014, price per tyre, plus VAT in euros.


**** Amount in euros.


***** For the driving profile which is based on real customer use the proportion of the rolling resistance is 17.5% of the total tractive resistance. The best tyre is benchmarked with 100 as a basis.



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